SPEC SCRIPTS / WRITING SAMPLES (available upon request):


J. Kyle, M.D. A one-hour drama.  Set in Hell’s Kitchen on New York’s Upper West Side. When the NYPD take down a violent and sadistic Eastern European killer, he is rushed to the nearest E.R. where he bites the young doctor who attempts to treat him. This seemingly superficial wound triggers a latent genetic response — releasing the doctor’s dark and violent alter ego, a strange nemesis that begins to haunt both his subconscious and waking hours.  Confronted by inexplicable coincidences, the doctor begins to unravel a dark and troubled past.

Both Sides Now… An hour dramatic comedy — An unconventional love story told in concurrent time from two points of view.  The 1st half-hour is His; the 2nd half-hour is Hers.  In Her Story, he’s a secondary character; in His Story, she is.  And what he thinks happened one way, she remembers another.  The truth, of course, lies somewhere in between.

Sixkiller… In the Spirit of Sam Peckinpah comes an Original Western Series.  Orphaned at ten, a gunfighter at twenty, JEDIDIAH SIXKILLER is part Cherokee, part Scotch-Irish, a drifter in search of justice… and the killers who murdered his family and left him to die.  The year is 1893.  The place: New Mexico Territory.  Times are tough.  But in the towns and ranches, or the vast wilderness beyond, Jed Sixkiller knows opportunity awaits.  A man you can count on in a fight, if he’s not your friend, he’s your worst nightmare.  With little faith in the law, he cares only for justice… and a way to make a difference.


Soul on Fire — America at War: 1968 (A 6-part limited television event). Inspired Eldridge Cleaver’s groundbreaking Soul on Ice, first published in 1968, Soul on Fire is a fictional look at the roots of racial injustice in America.  An unflinching look at how African American anger and unrest turned militant. 1968 began with the Tet Offensive in Vietnam then moved on to the riots ignited by the assassinations of King and Kennedy, the fall of LBJ, the resurrection of Richard Nixon, a third party formed by George Wallace, the days of rage at Chicago’s Democratic Convention… a year like no other.  And yet, its undeniable impact can still be felt in today’s headlines.  Past is prologue and the lessons of history must never be forgotten.


THE BIGGEST STEP [20th Century Fox – H5B5 / Exec Producer: Adam Leipzig / Limited Series – Production canceled following 9/11] (“Written by…”)

DARK REALM [Warners International Co-production on The Isle of Man (UK) / Executive Producer / Created by] (Left production mid-season – Creative Differences)

POLTERGEIST: THE LEGACY [Trilogy – Showtime / Producer (uncredited) Season I / Co-Executive Producer Season II / Co-Executive Producer Season III / Executive Producer w/ Grant Rosenberg – Season IV]


  • Sins of the Father
  • The 13th Generation
  • The Reckoning
  • Lives in the Balance
  • Finding Richter
  • Stolen Hearts
  • La Belle Dame Sans Merci
  • Armies of the Night
  • Brother’s Keeper
  • The Mephisto Strain
  • The Beast Within


  • Rough Beast
  • The Last Good Knight
  • Song of the Raven
  • Bird of Prey


  • Storm Warning (Season 4 – “Written by…”)

POINTMAN [Warners – USA Network]

  • Prisoner of Love (“Written by…”)

TIME TRAX [Warners – First Run Syndication]

  • Fire & Ice (Season 1 – “Written by…”)
  • Face of Death (Season 1 – “Written by…”)
  • Photo Finish (Season 1 – “Written by…”)
  • Missing (Season 2 – “Written by…”)
  • The Lottery (Season 2 – “Written by…”)

BAYWATCH [Baywatch Productions – First Run Syndication]

  • Sand Castles (Season 1 – “Written by…”)
  • Second Time Around (Season 4 – “Written by…”)

AIR-TO-AIR [Lee Rich Company – ABC / Unproduced Pilot] (“Written by…”)

SILK STALKINGS [Cannell – CBS / Creative Consultant – Season 1]

  • Curtain Call (Season 1 – “Written by…”)
  • Baser Instincts (Season 1 – “Written by…”)
  • Time Share (Season 4 – “Written by…”)
  • Family Affairs (Season 5 – “Written by…”)

“DEA” [FOX – Writer: Final Episode]

  • Zero Sum Game (“Written by…”)

TANGO [CBS – Unproduced pilot / Writer & Executive Producer]

WOLF [CBS – Supervising Producer / Season 1]

  • Two Men and a Baby (“Written by…”)
  • Guns and Roses (“Written by…”)

MIRACLE LANDING [CBS – MOW (US) – Released as Feature Abroad] (“Written by…”)

WILD JACK [Disney – NBC / Limited Series – Supervising Producer, Episodes 1-3]

  • Episode 2 (“Written by…”)
  • Episode 3 (“Written by…”)

BUCK JAMES [Tristar – ABC / Producer Season 1]

  • The Good Samaritan (“Written by…”)
  • Silent Partners (“Written by…”)
  • Lives in the Balance (“Written by…”)

1968… [Showtime – Unproduced miniseries written w/David Abramowitz]

PROMISED LAND [Spelling – ABC / Unproduced pilot written w/David Abramowitz]

SHADES OF BLUE [Spelling – ABC / Producer / Writer 1 Episode / Not picked up]

SPENSER: FOR HIRE [Warners-ABC / Creative Consultant / Season 1 (Uncredited)]

“V” – THE SERIES [Warners-NBC / Supervising Producer / Season 1, Episodes 1-13]

  • The Rescue (“Written by…”)
  • The Deception (“Written by…”)

THE YELLOW ROSE [Warners-NBC / Supervising Producer / Season 1, Episodes 19-22]

  • Villa’s Gold (“Written by…”)

FALCON CREST [Lorimar-CBS / Staff Writer Season 1 / Story Editor Seasons 2 & 3]

  • The Extortionist (“Written by…”)
  • The Expose (“Written by…”)
  • Pas de Deux (“Written by…”)
  • The Odyssey (Written w/ E.F. Walengren)
  • Conspiracy (“Written by…”)
  • Partners (“Written by…”)
  • Tests of Faith (Written w/ Robert McCullough)
  • The Avenger (“Written by…”)

VILLA ALEGRE [PBS Children’s Television – Staff Writer]