Garner Simmons: Resume


WGA/DGA/WGC Writer/Producer/Director


Represented by: Larry Becsey/Intellectual Property Group

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Selected Credits

Motion Pictures:

THE LAST SAMURAI (Uncredited Screenwriter – developed as WEST OF THE RISING SUN for Interscope now Radar Pictures – PRODUCERS: Scott Kroopf, Tom Engelman (released thru Warner Bros.)

MIRACLE LANDING (Written by) PRODUCER: Norman Powell /DIRECTOR: Dick Lowery /STARRING: Wayne Rogers, Connie Sellecca, Anna Alicia (CBS Entertainment released as a feature outside the US)

A RARE BREED (Sole Credited Writer) PRODUCER: Jack Cox /DIRECTOR: David Nelson /STARRING: George Kennedy, Forrest Tucker, Tracy Vaccaro (New World)

Current & Future Feature Projects in Development:

1989: THE WALL (Writer / Producer)

Poet, Player, Lover, Spy… A Portrait of Shakespeare as a Young Dog(Writer / Producer)

Series Television:

POLTERGEIST: The Legacy Writer & Director& Executive Producer (Trilogy/MGM for Showtime)

WOLF Writer & Supervising Producer /ExP: David Peckinpah & Rod Holcomb (CBS)

BUCK JAMES Writer & Supervising Producer /ExP: Rt. Fuisz & Wm Storke (TriStar/Columbia for ABC)

SPENCER FOR HIRE (Creative Consultant – Development Only) /ExP: John Wilder (Warner Bros. for NBC)

“V” Writer & Supervising Producer /ExP: Daniel Blatt & Robert Singer (Warner Bros. for NBC)

YELLOW ROSE Writer & Supervising Producer /ExP: John Wilder (Warner Bros. for NBC)

FALCON CREST Writer & Story Editor (1st three seasons) /ExP: Earl Hamner (Lorimar for CBS)


THE BIGGEST STEP – The Story of Early Man /ExP: Adam Leipzig (Fox/H5B5)

“1968” (Written with David Abramowitz) /ExP: Michael Brandman (Showtime)


PROMISED LAND (Spelling Entertainment/ABC) /ExP: Aaron Spelling

TANGO (CBS Entertainment) /ExP: Norman Powell

AIR-TO-AIR (Warner Bros./ABC) /ExP: Grant Rosenberg

Related Experience


Colgate University – BA in English/Fine Arts; Northwestern University – MA/PhD from the School of Communication

Published Author:

PECKINPAH: A Portrait in Montage (Biography of Sam Peckinpah – University of Texas Press, 1982/Revised Ed. Amadeus/Limelight Editions, 1998 NY)

Peckinpah Today: New Essays on the Films of Sam Peckinpah (Author of lead essay: “The Deadly Companions Revisited” – Southern Illinois University Press, 2012 Carbondale, Illinois)


Lecturer on the life and work of Sam Peckinpah; film history and aesthetics; screenwriting, etc. Northwestern; University of Illinois (Chicago); UCLA; University of Texas at Austin; Colgate University; University of Bologna (Italy); Locarno; New York’s Lincoln Center; Gotham Writers Workshop.

Various DVD Commentaries on the films of Sam Peckinpah:

Ride the High Country; Major Dundee; Katherine Ann Porter’s Noon Wine; The Wild Bunch; The Ballad of Cable Hogue; Straw Dogs [UK version only]Junior Bonner; The Getaway; Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid; Bring Me the Head of Alfred Garcia; The Killer Elite; Convoy; Osterman Weekend.