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Garner Simmons

Recent Updates

PECKINPAH: A Portrait in Montage — The Definitive Edition

This new definitive edition of the book I first published through the University of Texas Press (1982) then updated and expanded through Limelight Editions of New York (1998) here gathers together for the first time all of my writings on Sam Peckinpah and his films in one place. A remarkable creative genius whose films challenged the established norms of Hollywood, Peckinpah today remains a unique 20th American artist whose chosen medium was motion pictures. Now, 50 years after the release of his masterpiece The Wild Bunch, his work still resonates with audiences throughout the world. My relationship with Sam began in the summer of 1973 and continued until his death in 1984. He was only 59. Like all great artists he sacrificed everything for his art — 14 feature films and a small but commanding legacy of television work — a legacy that will live for as longer as people continue to tell stories on film. For further information on where to purchase this book please click on the following:

Peckinpah” A Portrait in Montage – The Definitive Edition

THE LOCARNO FILM FESTIVAL — GARNER SIMMONS was a principal speaker at A Retrospective on the Life & Films of SAM PECKINPAH August 7th – 10th, 2015 in Locarno, Switzerland

The Retrospective included screenings of all of Peckinpah’s feature films along with much of his television work coupled with panels and discussions.

Following Locarno, the SAM PECKINPAH RETROSPECTIVE traveled to the Cinematheque Franciase in Paris and then on to Turin, Italy before concluding its run in New York City’s Lincoln Center on March 31st thru April 8th, 2016, where again, Simmons was a principal speaker introducing The Deadly Companions, The Wild Bunch and Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia.

The Writers Guild of America, West has selected the screenplay The Wall by Garner Simmons for recognition in conjunction with its 2016 Feature Writer Access Project. This is the second year in a row that Simmons has had his work selected for recognition. In 2015, his screenplay A Cool State of Blood won this same competition.