The Exfiltrator – A novel by Garner Simmons

The Exfiltrator

A novel by Garner Simmons

Garner Simmons has written a taut breathlessly paced thriller that inhabits the ground between THE DA VINCI CODE and Trevanian’s SHIBUMI. The trail begins with the final encounters between Neanderthal and CroMagnon Man. Most unusually it is concerned with existential philosophy on the trail of where the human species is bound. Moral action is more than gun play. 

– Jesse Graham

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About the Author

Educated at Colgate University where he majored in English and Fine Arts, GARNER SIMMONS is a graduate of Northwestern University’s School of Communication.  The author of an acclaimed biography on filmmaker Sam Peckinpah, PECKINPAH: A Portrait in Montage, he has written extensively for television and motion pictures.  THE EXFILTRATOR is his first novel.