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This website is dedicated to setting the record straight.

Today’s truth exists in a virtual world. And since, as Frank Lloyd Wright once noted, “The truth is more important than the facts,” I have decided to attempt to put my house in order. Hopefully you’ll find your visit worthwhile.

You may browse the site by clicking on the tabs that line the top of this page. Each tab will take you into a different arena. The tab marked “Films” will take you to movie projects both present and past. Those interested in the life and work of Sam Peckinpah might consider looking at the video found under “Screen & Classroom.”  Writing samples…?  A Director’s Reel…?  Simply click on the appropriate tab.

Discover something’s amiss…? Drop me a line and let me know. If you’re right, I’ll be the first to change it. If you’re not, in the saintly words of the dear departed mother of Chicago’s late Mayor Richard J. Daly: “There’s a sprig o’ mistletoe dangling off the tail o’ me coat…”


Garner Simmons

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For Immediate Release

THE LOCARNO FILM FESTIVAL has invited GARNER SIMMONS to participate in presenting A Retrospective on the Life & Films of SAM PECKINPAH August 7th – 10th, 2015 in Locarno, Switzerland

The Retrospective will include screenings of all of Peckinpah’s feature films along with much of his television work coupled with panels and discussions


A FINAL NOTE: Among the reasons for creating this website is to correct the credits confusion currently caused by imDb. For a comparison please…

Check out Garner Simmons imDb profile.